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Why Buy from Bottomline Safety

Exceptional customer service

Just check out our product reviews. We bend over backwards day and night to make sure you’re satisfied.

Competitive and fair pricing

We don’t go into the market offering products as loss leaders in the hope of selling you on more stuff that you don’t need. We don’t trick you with minimums, other surprise surcharges, or claims of free shipping (when this is simply not the case in most instances) after gaining all of your valuable information. Our consumer site bundles the shipping into the cost to make understanding pricing easy.

The REAL thing

We never substitute “look alike” products for the real thing. If you’re a new customer, you simply may not know the difference and you end up putting your safety and the safety of your visitors or workers at risk.

Price Match Guarantee

We strive to be your best value provider and if that means we need to match and beat the price of a competitor to get and maintain your business, we’ll do it. Read more about our Price Match Guarantee policy.

We’re a small but rapidly growing business

This means we’re often more negotiable and more agile than the big guys. American and Canadian workers serve you in the best way we can. And when you call us, you'll reach a representative who is located in the USA or Canada

We strive to be kind to the environment and to our workers

How? We are a virtual office. This cuts down on the worker's need to commute. It enables them to spend more time with caring for their families and helps the environment. This means, no, we don’t have a store front, but we can often arrange local pickup at one of our warehousing partners, if this is what it takes to make you happy.

We’re not perfect

We don’t stock everything, but we certainly will do our best to help you find what you need and point you in the right direction, if we can’t get it for you more cost-effectively. Most importantly, we certainly do our best to fix any issue that customers bring to light quickly and fairly. If you’re not happy, we want to know.