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Steel-Flex Safety First Overshoes - Sizing Chart

Steel-Flex Safety First Overshoes, steel toe guards and slip resistant overshoes, fit over top of your regular footwear.Steel-Flex sizes are unisex.

Measure your Shoes

We do not recommend working off shoe size alone, since there is such a variation from style to style of shoes and boots. For instance, a size women's size 8 can be a small in one shoe, but a large in another, depending on the bulk of the shoe. Why? Shoe sizes refer to the size of your foot, not your shoe, so going by the shoe size charts for visitors below is at best an approximation.

PDF Icon Please use this Sizing Worksheet to get the best fit. This worksheet includes product measurements, diagrams, and a printable ruler. Simply print it out as indicated on the worksheet, measure and order the right size, the first time. If you're buying for specific workers, print out copies and have them complete it to make ordering the right size a breeze.

Steel-Flex Safety First Overshoes for Visitors?

For those ordering simply to supply overshoes for visitors, and do not have specific shoes to cover in mind, the charts below may be helpful as a guideline only. If visitors are wearing bulky shoes, they may find they need a larger size than they would normally wear. Bulky footwear includes thick-soled shoes and boots, such as dress and casual shoes with thick soles and average running or tennis shoes.

Or, take the work out of figuring it out. Consider buying multiples of our Steel-Flex Starter Kit which offers 14 pair of our most popular sizes at a substantial cost savings.

Men's and Boys Sizes with European Conversions

All Steel-Flex Sizes, X-Small to XXXL are Unisex. Sizing applies equally to both the Steel-Flex Black and Yellow overshoe product.

X-Small 3 - 42 - 3½35 - 36
Small 5 - 64 - 537 - 38½
Medium 7 - 85.5 - 739 - 41
Large 9 - 107.5 - 942 - 43
X-Large 11 - 129.5 - 10.543½ - 45½
XX-Large 13 - 1411 - 1346 - 48
XXX-Large 15+13.5 - 1548½ - 51

Women's Sizes with European Conversions

All Steel-Flex Sizes, X-Small to XXXL are Unisex. Sizing applies equally to all both the Steel-Flex Black and Yellow.

X-Small 5 - 63 - 437½ - 38½
Small 7 - 84½ - 639 - 40½
Medium 9 - 106½ - 841 - 42½
Large 11 - 128½ - 1043 - 44½