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Stylish Safety Glasses and Safety Goggles

Get the ideal eye protection. Safety Glasses and Safety Goggles that are stylish and both men and women enjoy wearing. Choose protective eyewear from Gateway Safety. Safety Glasses from Gateway Safety are truly, “Where Safety meets style.TM”"

Unlike many of their competitors Gateway Safety invests significant time and resources in the design and development of their safety glasses and safety goggles. Rather than simply copying the designs of competitors, Gateway Safety works very hard to develop superior protective eyewear that look better, fit better, and achieve better compliance.

Gateway Protective Eyewear Authorized Distributor

Bottomline Safety is one of the newest Authorized Distributors of Gateway Protective Eyewear products. When you choose Bottomline Safety for your eye protection needs, know that you get the highest levels of service and responsiveness; even after the sale.

Gateway Starlite Safety Glasses 4680 Scorpion Safety Glasses
Starlite Safety Glasses
Sale Price: $3.70

Scorpion Safety Glasses 16GB80/16GB83
Sale Price: $6.99 *Plus processing on Gateway orders of 3 items or less
Smaller Order Processing Fee*: $10.00

Popular, innovative design combines low-cost protective eyewear with all-around impact protection. • Sleek, compact appearance and stylish unitary lens provides a wide field of vision. • Ultra-lightweight design is easy to wear all day, helping improve safety compliance. • Deep, universal-fit temples provide side protection identical to large side shields.
This product ships from the USA Only.

This product ships from the USA Only.

Choose the right Safety Glasses and Goggles

Gateway Safety Glasses and Goggles are designed to achieve greater rates of compliance, because of their functional good looks, comfort and economical purchase price that makes them practical for large business and individual consumers alike. Choose protective eyewear that people want to wear.