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Safety Toe Overshoes by Wilkuro
CSA Z334 Certified Visitor Toe Caps

Bottomline Safety Inc. is a premier Wilkuro Safety Toes distributor. We are experts in visitor toe protection and your Canadian online source for affordable, high-quality slip on visitor toe caps in Canada. Made in Canada. Ships from Canada.

Selecting and properly using the right PPE can determine whether you or your workers, suffer injury, illness or even death.

In 2014, the Canadian Standards Association issued a new standard for over the shoe toe protection, CSA Z334. This personal protective equipment standard covers design and performance requirements for toe protectors intended to be worn over non-safety footwear to provide protection from impacts on a temporary basis.

Bottomline Safety prides itself on carrying the widest selection of safety toe covers, including the visitor safety toe cap by the original safety overshoe maker, Wilkuro Safety Toes and the latest technology from Steel-Flex, the only safety toe cover on the market today where ALL SIZES currently meet CSA Z334.

Featured Steel Toe Overshoe Products

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Steel-Flex Safety First Starter Kit
Steel-Flex Safety First Overshoes by Swenco - 14 pair kit
Sale Price: $312.49

Steel-Flex Safety First Overshoes by Swenco, Introductory Kit 14-Pair Kit Includes
  • 1 X-Small Pair (Womens's 4-5.5*): Steel Toe Cap Over Shoes
  • 1 Small Pair (Women's 6-7* | Men's 5-6*): Steel Toe Cap Over Shoes
  • 3 Medium Pair (Women's 7.5-9* | Men's 6.5-8* ): Steel Toe Cap Over Shoes
  • 3 Large Pair (Women's 9.5-11* | Men's 8.5-10*): Steel Toe Cap Over Shoes
  • 3 X-Large Pair (Men's 10.5-12*): Steel Toe Cap Over Shoes
  • 2 XX-Large Pair: (Men's 12-13.5*) Steel Toe Cap Over Shoes
  • 1 XXX-Large Pair: (Men's 14-16.5*) Steel Toe Cap Over Shoes

Wilkuro Safety Toes Starter Kit
Wilkuro Safety Toes 10 Pair Starter Kit
Sale Price: $229.99


  • 1 X-Small Pair (Womens's 5-6*): Steel Toe Cap Over Shoes
  • 1 Small Pair (Women's 7-8* | Men's 5-6*): Steel Toe Cap Over Shoes
  • 2 Medium Pair (Women's 9-10* | Men's 7-8*  ):  Steel Toe Cap Over Shoes
  • 3 Large Pair (Women's 11-12* | Men's 9-10*):  Steel Toe Cap Over Shoes
  • 2 X-Large Pair (Men's 11-12*): Steel Toe Cap Over Shoes
  • 1 XX-Large Pair: (Men's 13*) Steel Toe Cap Over Shoes
Wilkuro Safety Toes Z334 Certified Overshoes
Wilkuro Safety Toes Z334 - Original Steel Toe Slip On Overshoes
Sale Price: $30.99
Sale Price: $30.99


  • Bottomline Safety is an authorized distributor of the new quality-tested Wilkuro Safety Toes Steel Toe Slip On Overshoes with Z334 certifications
  • MADE IN NORTH AMERICA, the Wilkuro brand is the original and has been sold worldwide since 1985.
  • Available with CSA Z334 certification in six color-coded sizes for easy identification.
  • Each pair of Wilkuro Safety Toes is made from quality steel toe caps and durable waterproof PVC slip-resistant overshoes. Accepted by OSHA.
  • All Wilkuro Safety Toes can accommodate most types of low-heeled footwear.
Steel-Flex Safety First Steel Toe Overshoes
Steel-Flex Safety First Steel Toe Overshoes by Swenco - Pair
Sale Price: $22.95


Protect Your Feet with the Steel-Flex Safety First Overshoe. Designed and manufactured by protective footwear professionals with your safety in mind. Made in Canada.

CSA Certified Safety Toes Make Toe Protection Convenient

Z334 Steel Toe Overshoes by Steel-Flex® is a cost-effective and hygienic alternative to traditional steel toe shoes for temporary workers or anyone who enters an area where toe protection and/or slip and fall protection is required. Fully waterproof and crack resistant, each overshoe is manufactured from oil, acid and chemical resistant TPR material designed to be the perfect combination of stretch, slip resistance and durability. They are regularly tested during production and are CSA Z334 Certified and CE Approved for use in Europe.

Unlike standard safety shoes, Steel-Flex® Steel Toe Overshoes can be passed from person to person without hygiene concerns. They are compact, easily stored and with no need to differentiate left from makes choosing and installing a pair in your size, quick and easy.

Available in highly distinctive Steel-Flex® Yellow, Pink or Standard Black: All with Colour Coded Toes

Steel-Flex Z334 Safety Overshoes Steel-Flex Safety Overshoes Z334 Steel-Flex-Z334-Pink

Other Vendors

Even though the Original Wilkuro now has Z334 in sizes XS through XXL and continue to offer the comfortable left-right natural shoe fit and a narrow toe box for comfort, other vendors do have Z334 products available to help you get the best fit. Make sure to order the Z334 model as the Z195 is still being sold in the United States and abroad.

Turbo Toe by Impacto offers a Z334 Certified overshoe in limited sizes
. Whatever the best choice for your business, choose Bottomline Safety for your Safety Toe Cover needs. We are here to help!

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