Why We Killed BottomlineSafety.ca

Sometimes, you just know when it’s time to quit.

After a short trial selling online in Canadian dollars through our .ca site, we’ve learned that the majority of our Canadian customers would rather buy from the US store and save the additional costs that are associated with transacting through the Canadian banking system.

Why did we kill .ca?

1) Costs. To put it bluntly, the costs to do business on the Canadian site were ridiculous! Because the margin on our products is so slim, we had to pass these costs on to our Canadian consumers. This worked out to an 8.5% increase in price right off the top, plus a $3.50 transaction fee per order that we had to pass on because we were being charged this by our banks.

2) Confusion. Americans ended up on .ca and complained. Canadians ended up on .com and were gouged on shipping (because when we launched .ca, we set our shipping algorithm to calculate shipping costs solely from Buffalo. This has been set back to pre .ca time now where it should be more accurate for Canadians.)

3) Google penalization. We had duplicate content. We had to. It’s how our Volusion store software has to work for multi-currency merchants. This was making us harder to find for customers, like you, who needed a quality, CSA certified safety overshoe.

What Canadian companies can do who wish to buy from us in Canadian Dollars?

1) Set up credit terms and pay us by cheque. We’ll accept corporate cheques on approved credit for a minimum $200 order.

2) Call us at 1.877.245.3177. We have ways to process in Canadian dollars still, but there will be that nasty 8.5% + $3.50 surcharge applied to your USD order total.

3) Continue to pay by credit card. The banks will convert the USD amount to Canadian for you on your statement. It’s not ideal, nor pretty, but it will save you money, especially when the Canadian dollar is hovering around par.

And don’t worry. If you are Canadian, we will still ship from Canada. No additional duties, taxes and fees to worry about upon delivery. If you’re American, we ship from Buffalo, also no additional duties, taxes or fees to worry about upon delivery either.

For the customers who did buy through BottomlineSafety.ca in the past couple of months, your accounts have been merged back into BottomlineSafety.com. You may need to reset your password on the login page.

If you feel that we were premature in killing .ca, please comment and let us know. If we get enough demand, we’d look at bringing it back in the future.









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