Welcome to the Bottomline on Safety

Bottomline Safety Inc. is proud to finally launch its Occupational Health and Safety Blog intended to uncover news and views in Occupational Health and Safety and help businesses and individuals stay safe on the job.

The information we will present is primarily intended for North American audiences, but we hope it can inspire companies around the world to make better use of personal protective equipment and industrial safety strategies.

Staying safe does not always have to cost a fortune. We plan to bring you interesting articles, news items and special information that can help you learn about new products, services and regulations, learn from others mistakes, and most importantly stay safe, while improving your bottom line.

But please remember, opinions and articles expressed on this blog may not apply to your situation and are for informational use only. Always consult a qualified occupational health and safety professional in your jurisdiction who understands your unique challenges before implementing any information listed here—or any place on the internet for that matter.  It’s just good sense.

And finally, please let us know what you think. We value your feedback to make this blog and our company, Bottomline Safety Inc., the best that it can be to serve you.

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