CSA Certified Safety Toe Covers

Bottomline Safety Inc.

Slip on Safety Shoes With Steel Toe Covers

Bottomline Safety is an authorized Wilkuro Safety Toes Distributor. Your online source for affordable high quality slip on safety shoes with steel toe covers.

Potential for toe injury at your factory or plant? Get the quality, comfort, convenience and hygiene of wearing your own regular low-heeled casual or dress footwear with steel-toed safety overshoes that cover shoes and boots of most types. Buy your Safety Toe Shoe Covers from Bottomline Safety! We are a 100% women-owned small business and are dedicated to awesome customer service. Just check our reviews.

Selecting and properly using the right PPE can determine whether you or your workers, suffer injury, illness or even death. In 2014, the Canadian Standards Association issued a new standard for over the shoe toe protection, CSA Z334. This personal protective equipment standard covers design and performance requirements for toe protectors intended to be worn over non-safety footwear to provide protection from impacts on a temporary basis.

Bottomline Safety prides itself on carrying the highest quality safety toe covers, including the visitor safety toe cap by the original safety overshoe maker, Wilkuro Safety Toes. Wilkuro Safety Toes, Steel-Flex Safety First and Impacto’s Turbotoes, as distributed through Bottomline Safety, are steel toe shoe covers, bear CSA markings under the CSA Standard-Z334 for Protective Footwear for Temporary Use, when used with additional fully covered footwear.