Shipping and Returns

Do you ship to my country?

Generally speaking, it often becomes cost prohibitive to ship outside of the USA or Canada for small orders.

We have shipped to many international destinations such as Australia, England, Egypt, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. We have even shipped to more remote US territories, such as Guam.

Although we love our international customers, due to rising freight costs, we have been forced to implement a $1000 minimum pre-freight minimum order value to quote shipping to overseas destinations for new clients. For values less than this the freight cost to product value ratio is too often overwhelming.

If your order value before shipping exceeds $1000 USD, we will ship anywhere we are allowed to by law. All duties, taxes and brokerage are extra and will be due upon receipt to local authorities.  If you would like a quote to send the product to your country, please contact us.

Where is your warehouse?

It depends on the product. Bottomline Safety’s US warehouse is in Amherst NY, however, many products ship directly from our vendor partners as the products are made to order. We are not set up for in-person order pickup.

What are “International Customers”?

Anyone located outside of the USA or Canada.

Can I ship to a P.O. Box?

We prefer street addresses; however, if you have been able to receive shipments at your post office box we may be able to deliver to it as well using a non-standard carrier.

What is your return policy?

Please see our Return Policy for complete details regarding returns and exchanges.

Do you offer expedited shipping?

Generally speaking, no. If the matter is urgent, please contact us and we will see what options are available for the product and quantity you require at the time. It is a manual process.